Profile Types

Campaign User

Campaign Users are the actual Ignite Page creators.  They have basic account functions and full editing power to create an unlimited number of Ignite Pages from start to finish.  Users only see the pages they create.


  • Create Ignite Pages from scratch
  • Gather photos, videos, and compelling story content
  • Design store items with our built-in design tool
  • Publicize and manage live campaigns

Users can publish a page after receiving approvals for:

  • Funds Recipient Details, granted by the any of the system administrators
  • Artwork approvals, organized by the IgniteCX art team (we coordinate with the appropriate approval channels – your university, company, etc.)

Primary System Administrator 

Every IgniteCX platform has one Primary System Administrator (PSA).  This person serves as the primary contact for that organization account.  They’ll have a global view of all Ignite Pages in their organization, the ability to edit any details on those pages, and direct access to organization-wide reports.

PSAs can edit:

  • Initial account settings (such as the org URL, org name, etc.)
  • Organization homepage details
  • Optional global settings (such as, required funds recipient details, and required campaign colors)
  • Unlimited System Administrators (SAs) to help with approvals on campaign pages

The PSA, as well as any other SAs, will need to approve the funds recipient details on all Ignite Pages before they can publish.  This accountability step ensures that no students are channeling funds to any personal bank accounts, etc.

The PSA does not need to approve any artwork details, as the IgniteCX art team will submit art approval requests straight through the standard artwork approval channels.

Learn more about the Primary System Administrator Role in this Quick Start Guide.

System Administrator

All other System Administrators will also have access to all of the Ignite Pages and functions, except for any global organization account settings.

All PSAs and SAs are in charge of:

  • Funds Recipient Details approvals
  • All Ignite Pages
    • Can jump into any Ignite Page with full editing power
    • Can pull reports on all campaigns
  • All Campaign User details in that org account
    • Can add, edit, or delete users
    • Can edit the access users have to specific campaigns

Learn more about the System Administrator Role in this Quick Start Guide.

Funds Manager

The Funds Manager, set on the funds recipient details page, is responsible for overseeing the receipt of the raised campaign funds on behalf of the campaign. In most cases, this individual is the contact person on record for the funds, but does not receive the funds personally.

Typically, the funds will go directly to a checking account held in the name of the entity that is running the campaign, or a check will be mailed to the entity. The Funds Recipient Details are submitted for each campaign by the Campaign User.  

If the direct deposit option is chosen, the recipient account must also be vetted and approved.  In the event that there is additional information needed or questions during the approval process, the Funds Manager will be contacted.


Anyone who makes a purchase or submits a donation on an Ignite Page is a Supporter.  They will receive automated confirmation emails from the IgniteCX system when they submit their order, and when their cards are charged at the campaign end date.

Campaign Users have access to all Supporter lists associated with their campaigns.  They can also download a CSV file with Supporter contact info, to streamline communications.

Password Resets

If you need to reset your password, you can do so at the IgniteCX login link:


Updated on December 26, 2018

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