Money Details

How does money flow in IgniteCX? Here’s a breakdown, from campaign setup to money in hands.


Before a campaign goes live, a campaign manager will decide on a few important money details.
  • Making a profit vs. breaking even.  A campaign manager can decide if they’d like to make money on each sale, or if they’d rather sell the gear at the lowest possible price, and opt for a break-even campaign.  They can also set up a donations only page and not sell products, but these are less common.
  • Sale price for each item.  The IgniteCX system calculates the lowest possible base cost for each item, including the cost of the blank good and printing the design.  On top of that, it’s completely up to the campaign manager to decide on a sale price.  We have a built-in pricing calculator that helps factor in our transaction fees, product base cost, and possible sale prices, so the user knows right away how much money can be made on each item.  (In other words, we do all the math for you!).  Side note: For plus sizes, we tack on an extra $2.00 to the final sale price.
  • How to receive the profits at the end.  We also collect funds recipient details before a campaign publishes.  These details need to be approved by a system administrator, which usually takes 1-3 business days.
    • Check. If a check is requested at the end of the campaign, then the funds are added to the overall campaign profit amount and grouped into a single check that’s sent out 2-3 weeks after a campaign end. Side Note: We only distribute checks for campaigns that earn $50.00 or more in profits. This does mot apply to direct deposits. Learn More. 
    • Direct Deposit. If a direct deposit is set up, the profits for each transaction are immediately deposited into the account (i.e., after transaction fees and product cost (if relevant) are subtracted), and immediately available within 1-3 business days.

Live Campaign

Because all Ignite Pages are campaign style, no credit cards are charged until 11:59pm Pacific Time of the designated close date.  This grants the campaign time to hit all minimum order requirements for each item.  It also builds in that sense of urgency and “time is running out so act fast!” element that helps our campaigns do so well.

If minimums aren’t hit by the close date, we cancel those orders and don’t charge people’s credit cards.  Keeps everything no risk, and easy, for everyone.

Some logistics

  • An order and/or donation confirmation (or receipt), is immediately emailed to the supporter, detailing the amount, purpose, and “logistics” for the funds.
  • When the campaign closes and cards are charged, an Item Receipt is sent to the purchaser via email.
  • Both of the emails above can be customized – a campaign manager can insert a custom header or footer to each, if needed.
  • A campaign manager can access a detailed report at any point in the campaign to see campaign profits in their account, broken down by order and online donation.
  • After a campaign closes, no orders can be added, edited, or cancelled.  See section on refunds below.


Once a campaign closes, the IgniteCX team processes all payments, sends all orders into production, and distributes all the funds.

  • Transaction fees are subtracted off the top amount:
    • 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction credit card fee (industry standard)
    • 5% IgniteCX platform fee, which pays for all the tax filing, auditing, and funds distributions
  • If selling items, the IgniteCX team subtracts the base cost for the item and sends that straight to the supplier.
  • The remaining amount is reflected in the campaign profits, displayed on the Ignite Page if a progress thermometer is shown, as well as in “Raised so far” amounts displayed in the campaign’s reports.  This is distributed to the campaign’s designated funds recipient.

Refunds, Exchanges, and Returns

Because everything is made to order, all sales are final once credit cards are processed.  Also, because we produce the exact number of items ordered, we can’t do exchanges (there would be nothing to exchange your item with).

If you or one of your supporters receives a defective product, then please let us know within two business days of receiving the product.  In this case, we will issue a refund.  Refunds should hit your account within three business days.

Updated on February 20, 2019

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