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Users & Security


Throughout your IgniteCX account and campaigns, there are several different types of users and participants who fulfill varying roles.

  1. Three types of roles have access to back-end editing functions: Primary System AdministratorSystem Administrators, and Campaign Users.
  2. Two other roles offer campaign support, but may not have access to editing capabilities: Funds Managers and License Managers.
  3. Finally, there are the all-important Supporters who participate in donating money and making purchases in support of your campaigns.

Profile Types

Primary System Administrator 

Users with the Primary System Administrator (PSA) Security Profile have unlimited access to all IgniteCX pages and associated functions, including organization contact and billing information, as well as all contact lists. There is only one PSA per organization account. They are the only ones who can access account related pages, organization contact info, Billing Info, and the organization homepage. The PSA has all of the same account and campaign management access as the System Administrator, with the addition of the following roles and privileges:

  • Sets up initial account settings
  • Sets up Organization Home Page
  • Assigns System Administrators and their specific roles
  • Sets up global account preferences

System Administrator

All other System Administrators will have access to all of the IgniteCX pages and functions except for global account settings. Typically, there are only one or two system administrators (while technically, you can have an unlimited number).

Users with this Security Profile have access to all campaign related pages and functions, including:

  • Creating and Editing campaigns
  • User Management pages and functions (create/edit system user, etc.)
  • “Authorize other users to manage this campaign” functions
  • Contacts Management functions
  • Publish Campaign functions
  • Email pages/functions
  • Fund Recipient Details approvals

Campaign User

This user has limited access to campaign related pages and functions. They will be able to create and edit campaigns, and can Publish campaigns once all necessary approvals have been received, but will NOT have access to:

  • User Management pages and functions (create/edit system user, etc.)
  • Authorize other users to manage this campaign’ functions
  • Contacts Management functions
  • Email pages/functions
  • Fund Manager/Recipient approval

Funds Manager

The Funds Manager, set on the funds recipient details page, is responsible for overseeing the receipt of the raised campaign funds on behalf of the campaign. In most cases, this individual is the contact person on record for the funds but does not receive the funds personally. Typically, the funds will go directly to a checking account held in the name of the entity that is running the campaign or a check will be mailed to the entity. The Funds Manager / Recipient and the recipient account details are submitted for each campaign by the Campaign Manager and the Funds Manager / Recipient details are then approved by a System Administrator. If the direct deposit option is chosen, the recipient account must also be vetted and approved by our funds processor and in the event that there is additional information needed or questions during the approval process, the Funds Manager / Recipient will be contacted.

License Manager

Note: This role is not applicable to all IgniteCX organizations.

One of the unique features of IgniteCX is the built-in license management system. This system enables organizations to have an automated process for assuring that all logos and other branded images used in customized merchandise adhere to their required license management and royalty guidelines. Part of this process requires that all product designs that incorporate license managed images must be reviewed and approved by a designated License Manager. This License Manager is provided by the merchandise vendor who is also required to be listed as a licensed vendor by individual organizations and their respective licensing agency. If your organization is using the license management feature of the IgniteCX system, an additional step of requesting license approval will be required during the campaign creation process. Once the License Manager has reviewed and approved campaign artwork, an email will automatically be sent to the Campaign Manager and the campaign will then be able to be published.


Supporters are people that an organization has previously identified as a supporter of the organization or an individual who have actively participated in supporting a campaign through IgniteCX either by making a donation or a purchase (or both). System Administrators and Campaign Managers can upload lists of Supporters to the Ignite CX system in order to more easily communicate and share their campaigns.


Updated on October 13, 2017

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